[Tweeters] FOY Band-tailed Pigeons

mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 6 10:27:27 PST 2021

Just noticed three Band-tailed Pigeons hanging out in a tall poplar on the south edge of my property out here in the north Mason County area. Every year 2 or 3 'ambassadors' show up around the first week of March. In another week or so a couple more will show up. And, if as usual, by the first of April the rest of the flock will be here. Last year the flock was at least 40 birds. It's nice to know that they continue to enjoy my yard.

As many other birds that have been here this year it's good the BTPigs don't show up enmass until some of the other species have headed north.

Mary Hrudkaj
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