[Tweeters] Wood Duck Nesting Questions

Diane Weinstein diane_weinstein at msn.com
Thu Mar 4 19:54:51 PST 2021

I was helping clean out Wood Duck nest boxes today, March 4th. It was too late, as all three boxes had eggs in them. Last year, the boxes were cleaned out on March 17th and there were no eggs at that time. Maybe the Wood Ducks nested early this year or last year they were late. I have read that Wood Ducks sometimes produce two broods a year. So, when would be the best time to safely clean out the boxes?

One of the nests had a large blue egg, slightly bigger than the cream-colored Wood Duck eggs. Any guesses as to whose egg it is. I have seen Hooded Mergansers nesting in the boxes before, but their eggs are also cream-colored.

Diane Weinstein

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