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Hi Jill, 
I know that the American Crow roost is going strong here at the Leach Creek Wetlands where south Fircrest meets Tacoma and east University Place (near the mostly inaccessible "Woodside Pond Nature Park"). I counted just over 1,000 individuals heading there this evening just before 6pm as they flew over my home just about 1.5 mile north, and those were just the ones I was able to catch a good look at and had time to count for a few minutes. My experience is the roost here doesn't thin out much until later in the breeding season. And I think many crows may go back to roost communally even after they've started reestablishing territories. So based on my experience and if Chris Kessler is still seeing Bothell crows stream by, you should be good this Saturday. 
My experience is that as the sun sets the birds start to come in, then get more concentrated as the flocks stream in as it's getting darker, and then as it's getting very near the end of twilight they make a mass move to their final roosting site. I think Chris's suggestion of arriving just after sunset and seeing them mass up as it gets dark would be good timing.  
Good luck! Glenn

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I have witnessed peak roosting at UW Bothell, and I want to take my stepkids up there this Saturday. I've really talked it up, and I'm worried it might be underwhelming. This spring weather might have the crows staying closer to their nesting areas. Has anyone been up there in the last few days and seen the full cawcawphony? If so, about what time are the greatest numbers assembling. In the past, I've been surprised that the peak roosting activity seems to happen later than dusk, but it seems fluid.

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