[Tweeters] Seattle's Snowy Owl (west QA, still)

Elaine Chuang elc at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 2 08:37:07 PST 2021

Okay, Tweets. After not having been detected (by us humanoids anyway) for 2 days, *she is in sight once more: this morning Phil A (at 7:13 AM) sent up the "bat signal" again. After 85 (approximately) days in a row selecting daytime roosts in a 3-block area, we are in the Now you see me, now you don’t 👁 phase. Does this more recent behavior reflect her agile adaptability (e.g. spending 2 days midway up a Shore Pine) and appreciation for the lay of the land and its fruits? How our anthropomorphizations do want to spin - off… Well, guess it is not quite yet time for her to take our northward bound suggestion and good wishes 🖖. If there is anyone left on the planet who wishes to but has not yet seen "The Queen,” this sighting is on the good ol’ “blue house” on the west side of 1st Avenue West ... about four “Snowy Owl wing beats” from McGraw.

From ME

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Subject: [Tweeters] Fwd: Seattle's Snowy Owl (on west QA, Sat 2.27.21)

To you SNOW YOWL Fans, I am pleased to report that I was completely wrong and that “she” is fully armed, talon-wise. What I’d interpreted from my mediocre photos <https://www.flickr.com/photos/154614679@N02/50993690557/in/dateposted/> as a missing or broken talon turned out to be a peculiar drop of still-pinkish-blood on top of a balled-up left foot. Thanks to Martin Muller’s superior … everything, we can all relax on that point. Regarding the left eyelid (note: the eye itself is externally normal in appearance, the pupil is round; and her tracking behavior seems keen and active to everything around her), she likely won it in a tussle with something the night before we first saw a different look to the upper left face (Feb 11). This is thus analogous to a poke / scratch / bruise one might get in the skin beneath the eye itself.
Up-to-date status: SNOW was not reported as seen on Sunday, nor so far today. Let’s all broadcast together: "Please head home, and safe travels!"

Elaine Chuang
elc at UW dot edu

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Subject: [Tweeters] Seattle's Snowy Owl is back on the west side of QA

Some might be interested to know that after days out of view and presumed to have high-tailed it back north, The Queen has elected once more to spend time among those most familiar of *her haunts on the West side of QA (today, just 5 houses off McGraw on 1st Avenue West). Wonderful to bear witness to altered behavior of this rare arctic emissary ... spending whole days in trees like the Shore Pine on Valentine’s Day plus one more, and now moving about from roof to roof in broad daylight.

Life’s been a little eventful these last 2 weeks: one talon is ‘freshly’ broken or missing from the left foot, but that left eyelid injury looks to be healing well. Many thanks to Phil Allison for raising the Bat Signal!

(* a personal not scientific choice of pronoun, in lieu of it or they. After all, this is on Queen Anne hill … and as can be seen, this Snowy Owl sports a lovely tiara. For upholding the broadest of inclusivity, we may happily also honor The Band, “Queen").

Very best wishes again, Tweets!

Elaine Chuang
elc at UW dot edu

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