[Tweeters] Birch Bay and beyond sightings today, Marbled Murrelets, Pacific Loons ...

Eric Ellingson abriteway at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 22:02:32 PST 2021

Sunny weather and flat water pulled at me. I gave in.

One of the highlights was about 50 Harbor Porpoise very active just off Point Whitehorn.

Decent numbers of Common Murre, NO Ancient Murrelets, and about 10 Marbled Murrelets. Two groups of Marbled were paired off. The other group had about seven in it. There may have been a couple of other pairs flying by at a distance I could not confirm them. The link below shows Marbled behavior I had not seen before. One raised its bill straight up and then the other one did the same. I've seen this behavior with other seabirds but not these.


Passing thru Birch Bay area again there was not a single porpoise to be seen. Heading north to Semiahmoo Bay, just before heading into Drayton Harbor off Semiahmoo Resort was a huge raft of ~100's Pacific Loon.
Some were actively diving/feeding but most were preening or just hanging out.

Another good day in Birch Bay.

Eric Ellingson

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