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I have visited Discovery Park only once this winter, and it was in January. I did not see many birds, but I did hear a barred owl! It was not far north of the south parking lot.

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> In Discovery Park itself and in my local patch in the Capehart site, we have been

> very lucky with the periodic occurrence of our local owls, six species at least.

> Several species hang out to breed. But funnily enough, the most common one,

> the Barred Owl, I have not heard in over a year. My apartment window looks

> out on the East Gate of D.P. and in Fall and Winter, there is usually a cacophany

> of "Who Cooks". But nothing this winter, nor from other corners of the domain.


> So has anyone been hearing them? We have had up to 3 or 4 pairs in some years

> previous. But in late winter, 2020, we had a single GHOW, and this winter we have

> had a pair of same. They are acting in a territorial manner, so am wondering on their

> affect on the Barred. Are the latter just keeping quiet?


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