[Tweeters] Owlish Question

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:27:01 PST 2021

In Discovery Park itself and in my local patch in the Capehart site, we have been
very lucky with the periodic occurrence of our local owls, six species at least.
Several species hang out to breed. But funnily enough, the most common one,
the Barred Owl, I have not heard in over a year. My apartment window looks
out on the East Gate of D.P. and in Fall and Winter, there is usually a cacophany
of "Who Cooks". But nothing this winter, nor from other corners of the domain.

So has anyone been hearing them? We have had up to 3 or 4 pairs in some years
previous. But in late winter, 2020, we had a single GHOW, and this winter we have
had a pair of same. They are acting in a territorial manner, so am wondering on their
affect on the Barred. Are the latter just keeping quiet?

David Hutchinson,
F&F, 206-499-7305
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