[Tweeters] Help identifying bird call please

heidi narte heidi at dogwoodesign.net
Mon Mar 1 08:01:08 PST 2021

Hello Tweeters Friends,

I have an odd request. This morning while out on my usual walk around
Normandy Park I heard a bird call I've not heard before. Of course it
stopped before I could download a recording app on my phone. It was a
loud, raucous, "ow-ow ow-ow ooowwww." Kind of like what I emit when I
step on a piece of gravel in bare feet. It seemed to be coming from a
crow that was circling around, although, I'm not positive. It was
staccato-like, akin to a jay but definitely not a Stellars or Scrub. I'm
stumped. I haven't heard this call in the 20 years I've been walking
around my neighborhood. Any ideas welcome! Many thanks!

Birding in Normandy Park and the

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