[Tweeters] checklist update recall

pan panmail at mailfence.com
Mon Jun 28 07:39:26 PDT 2021


I'm not sure why, but there's an apology and disclaimer at the site of the checklist update saying it was published in error.
I'm not sure whether the eventually published version will be any different, whether nor why the author of the derived A. B. A. article would have had a preview, exclusive or not, nor whether it, too, is subject to modification or not.

No further crow attacks.

Alan Grenon
panmail AT mailfence.com

(This is about to become the hottest place I've lived, and I grew up in Nebraska and moved here from Arizona.)

Fri Jun 25 17:54:36 PDT 2021
Here's the actual source (not provided in an A. B. A. article -- yet).

Of course, you're not required to use the A. O. S. (nee A. O. U.) common names. They're common names. See, for example,

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