[Tweeters] Veazie Marsh question

Maggie Martos inkwellpro at me.com
Wed Jun 23 13:10:09 PDT 2021

I live out in Maple Valley and I have been watching the posts on this. I’ve been out there three times now and I have seen the cinnamon teals and lots of other great birds, but they are so far away! Is there a better place than just pulled off on the side of that busy highway with traffic flying by? I went down the road where the people live and I feel like maybe they don’t want a lot of birders parking there. Where do you recommend to get the best views? Even using my telephoto lens, I can’t get close enough to ID many of the birds I’m seeing. Much less be able to spot an American bittern Michael! If someone has a scope, I’d love to meet you out there!

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