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Jamie Holland jamietholland at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 10:54:02 PDT 2021

Can anyone point me to a resource for understanding how to access
birdwatching at Veazie Marsh? I don't think this spot is in the
birdwatcher's guide to WA, but that's a dense book and maybe I missed it.
I've Google street-viewed it several times and can't really see where one
would park and walk. Is it like up in the Skagit flats, where you just sort
of drive around and look for birds?

I birdwatch with my kid, and we've ended up in some spots where we didn't
feel safe walking around, or couldn't figure out how to park or even where
to go, so I like to make sure I always have some sort of game plan for the

Thanks in advance!

Jamie (and Vaughn) Holland

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> G’day:


> Brian reports the White-faced Ibis was seen this morning (Wed.) about

> 8:30am, at the southernmost end of Veazie Marsh.


> Penn Bell for Brian Bell

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