[Tweeters] Why does Deer stomp hawk

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Mon Jun 21 23:50:35 PDT 2021

When a bunny rabbit is grabbed by a predator it will often let out a scream. You can hear the cottontail scream if you have your volume up. If bunny is very lucky it’s scream with attract a predator to prey on the rabbit’s predator. Word is a fawn will also let out a scream. Perhaps to get his mother to come running. Rabbit and fawn screams are similar. Mom sure came a running. Worked out great for the bunny. You can see it run toward the camera after the first kick. Not so great for the hawk.

I once got a large bullfrog to let out a scream. Don’t think it wanted to be dissected. Worked for the frog.

Larry Schwitters

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