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Eric Hope erichope1990 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 12:20:52 PDT 2021

Hi All,

For those that don't yet know me, I moved to Seattle over the winter from
Jackson, WY. I decided to make a trip up into the mountains in SE King
County this past Weds/Thurs to enjoy some of the higher-elevation birding I
miss back home and came across some fun birds for the area. I thought I'd
send some of the highlights along since I know not everyone gets eBird

The two biggest highlights were a rock wren seen on Kelly Butte Wednesday
and an American three-toed woodpecker seen in the Sawmill Creek burn area
on Thursday. Other highlights of the trip included:

*Around Kelly Butte* - several Cassin's finches, at least one pine
grosbeak, a Nashville warbler, and a singing dusky flycatcher.
https://ebird.org/checklist/S90385461 (you'll really have to crank up the
volume for the ROWR)

*On FR7034 (Sawmill Ridge)* - a pair of Clark's nutcrackers and an
out-of-place western meadowlark.

*In the Sawmill Creek burn *- continuing black-backed woodpecker, multiple
dusky flycatchers, multiple mountain and western bluebirds, midday booming
common nighthawks, and multiple house wrens, along with all the other great
high-elevation birds.

Note that accessing the Sawmill Creek burn will require a roughly 5.5 miles
round-trip walk on FR7034 because of sections still impacted by snow. More
details on access/conditions can be found on my eBird checklist comments
above. The road to Kelly Butte is completely clear.

I definitely look forward to more mountain birding as access continues to
improve with our (too) warm summer days clearing the way!

Good birding!

Eric Hope
Seattle, WA
erichope1990 AT gmail
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