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Hello, Tweeters,

Check out the new BirdNote podcast series, Bring Birds Back, with Tenijah
Follow Tenijah as she falls in love with birds and learns that they're in
trouble. Listen to the third episode, "How to Make Cities Safer for Birds,"
that includes an interview with Josh Morris of Seattle Audubon.
Heard last week on BirdNote:
* The Pelicans of Castle Pinckney
* The Value of a Dust Bath
* The Regal Baltimore Oriole
* Helping Birds See Windows
* Eavesdropping on Babies
* Voices and Vocabularies: House Finch or Purple Finch?
* Meadowlarks and Grasslands
Next week on BirdNote: Sungrebe -- Baby on Board,
Megapodes -- the Mound-Builders,
Kaeli Swift's Spark Birds: Rooftop Crows,
and more! https://bit.ly/3xuZiPx
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Thanks for listening,
Ellen Blackstone, BirdNote
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