[Tweeters] McNary Snowy Egret

Eric Snyder guideon72 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 12 22:49:23 PDT 2021

While chasing around McNary Wildlife Refuge this weekend, I managed to inadvertently confirm an uncommon visitor; a lone, Snowy Egret, taking a break along the flyway. We had spotted a Great Egret fly into the area we were exploring, but hadn't seen it land. When we got down to the ponds, I noted a med/large, white bird out in the distance and a debate ensued around it not looking large enough to be the Great, but maybe just being a perspective issue due to the distance. This is not a normal stomping ground for either of us; but, about 30min later we encountered another couple who asked if we were there for the Snowy Egret…well, that answered the debate, other than Snowys being too common in these parts…

So, waited until the distant guest wandered out of the reeds and into line of sight, using the 800 + 2x TC as a makeshift spotting scope, and was able to indeed confirm the telltale, black bill and legs :D. So, as of this afternoon, around 3:30pm, there was a Snowy Egret in the Eastern ponds off of Humorist Rd, in McNary NWR, just outside Pasco. Will link confirmation photos once I reach a PC and can convert.

-Eric S

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