[Tweeters] Klickitat Co. Grasshopper Sparrows and more

Dave Hayden dtvhm at nwrain.com
Sat Jun 12 21:56:12 PDT 2021

Sherry and I planned to hike Swale Canyon today, but the trail is now closed until mid October due to fire danger.
So we walked the 2.5 mile riparian portion of the Klickitat Trail eastward from Harms Rd. to Centerville Hwy.
We had a pair of CINNAMON TEAL, a family of SAY'S PHOEBES, several WESTERN KINGBIRDS, 1 LAZULI BUNTING, 1 YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT, lots of WESTERN MEADOWLARKS and HORNED LARKS, 2 SAVANNAH SPARROWS, and 1 SWAINSON'S HAWK soaring eastward. We also had a Western Rattlesnake and 2 Coyote pups that were very curious of us.
After our hike we decided to take Harms Rd. north to Horseshoe Bend Rd. and follow it back west to Hwy 142.
Just past where Randall Rd. crosses Harms Rd. we had 2 GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS sitting on the fence wires. Along Horseshoe Bend Rd. we had LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS, WESTERN BLUEBIRDS, and LARK SPARROWS, and 1 WESTERN GRAY SQUIRREL. 

Dave Hayden
Centralia, WA
dtvhm AT nwrain.com

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