[Tweeters] My unidentified pheasant was...The National Bird of Japan!

john dantoni dantonijohn at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 11:37:34 PDT 2021

Thanks to all who wrote in with their view on what type of pheasant mysteriously showed up here in Malaga.  Ms. Diane Yorgason-Quinn has Green Pheasants on the island where she resides and  therefore is my expert identifier.  Merlin the app also said it may be a Green Pheasant and although most of the photos I found showed a much, much, lighter colored bird I did see one photo that was much darker and looked exactly like the bird in question.  In addition, Diane said the females were darker than female ring-necked pheasants.  If you would like to see the photo go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/131774887@N06/51240005310/in/datetaken/  In the comments I also included a link to a great male Green Pheasant photo from a different Flickr photographer.
Best,John D'AntoniWenatchee/Malaga

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