[Tweeters] Towhees and Junco nest

Debbie Mcleod skepsou at icloud.com
Sat Jun 5 10:26:58 PDT 2021

A pair of Juncos have built a nest in a hanging fuchsia right outside my kitchen window. I'm keeping an eye on the situation and trying not to disturb them. I know there are nestlings - I can hear their high-pitched cheeps.
Just now I heard a thump against the window and looked out to see a Towhee fluttering in a shrub under the nest. Then I saw an immature towhee perched on the wire from which the fuschia is suspended.
I can't imagine that they are nest predators. I believe some Towhees have been nesting not far away. Does anyone know why they might be checking out the Junco nest?
Debbie in Kirklandia.

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