[Tweeters] Yard bird - Red Crossbills

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Phil and Tweeters,
I’ve often heard Red Crossbills flying over this year when we were at our condo in north Kirkland (just north of Kingsgate area bordering Woodinville). Always a surprise!

May all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
avnacrs 4 birds at outlook dot com

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Roy, WA
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Sitting on the front porch this afternoon I was amazed to see a family of Red Crossbills come down to our recirculating stream to drink. Less than 5 feet away was an adult male, female and two youngsters. We live in Northeastern Kirkland near Bothell and Woodinville at an elevation of around 1000 feet. Not where I would expect to see crossbills.

Philip McCrain
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