[Tweeters] Urban Common Ravens

Jeannine Carter jnine28 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 22:40:07 PDT 2021

I had been hearing one near our house multiple times this winter, but I doubted my ID since they're rare here in Seattle. However later this spring we've had one stop by in the wooded ravine next door to us a few times with crows diligently scolding it (it stayed long enough and made enough noise for me to confirm ID). Once it was here for an entire morning croaking a decent repertoire high in the trees in response to the resident crows (super cool to hear!) The crows kept on it for a decent amount of time without success then left a sentinel to keep watch for the remaining hours. I'm not super familiar with raven behavior so I'm still trying to figure out why one would seemingly just "hang out" in a tree for hours? I understand that they depend on more carrion than crows do and need to conserve energy as a result, so would this be part of that conservation?

Jeannine Carter
North Beach, Seattle, WA
jnine28 at gmail dot com

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