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B P Bell bellasoc at isomedia.com
Thu Jun 3 15:11:22 PDT 2021

Hi Tweets

Michael was out of town this week, so Matt and I got to substitute for him.
It was a nice day at Marymoor, decent temperatures - a bit chilly at 54Fto
start and going up to almost 70 at the finish.

We had two interesting events today. One was an enormous outcry at the Great
Blue Heronry followed by a sighting of an Adult Bald Eagle flying off
carrying a young Great Blue. The second was Matt thought he heard a House
Wren across the river near the weir. After a time of listening and thinking
we heard it, Matt (since he had the high boots) managed to cross the river
and listen on the other side. He said he could definitely hear a House Wren
(we were particularly interested since it has been a considerable time since
one has been at Marymoor). Finally, he was looking waay up at the top of a
tree. Karen and I moved along the fence so we could see what he was looking
at - a small bird that at first didn't look like a wren, but it was singing.
Matt got good enough looks to decide it was a House Wren and Karen got a
poor picture of it.

Generally, we mostly had the birds we would expect for early June,

4 species of ducks (Wood, Gadwall, Mallard, Common Merganser)

Both Hummingbirds (Anna's & Rufous)

Spotted Sandpiper

Many Great Blue Herons at the nests

Osprey (at two nests)

Bald Eagles

4 species of woodpeckers (Red-breasted Sapsucker, Downy, Northern Flicker,

Olive-sided Flycatcher

4 species of swallows (Purple Martin - at nests, Tree, Violet-green, Barn)

3 wrens (House - first time in many years, Marsh, Bewick's)

5 sparrows (Dark-eyed Junco, Savannah - many singing, Song, Spotted Towhee,

5 Warblers ( Common Yellowthroat, Yellow,Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Gray,

Lazuli Bunting - at least 6 singing

Misses - Rock Pigeon, Virginia Rail, Hooded Merganser, Green Heron,
Pied-billed Grebe

Good Birding!

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville WA

mail to be llas oc iso media dot com

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