[Tweeters] Crazy Ponds.

mark girling markgirling at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 1 04:07:31 PDT 2021

Had my first visit to Veazy Ponds after finding the M street pond near Auburn nearly dried up and the target Phalaropes had moved on but from a distance I saw what looked like Godwits.Veazy offered me 3 Wilson's Phalaropes and 3 real species. Green-winged, Blue- winged and Cinnamon. One of the Phalaropes was non breeding and was very pale. Couldn't see a dark cap on its head so it wasnt a Red or a Red-necked. A bird I've been anxious to see from the age of 11 is the Red-necked Phalarope. Anyone help me see this bird other than a Pelagic trip I'd be truly thankful.
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Woodridge, Bellevue.

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