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Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 11:20:39 PDT 2021

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The Nighthawk show at The Home Course continued last evening, again
beginning just as the sun dipped into the horizon. We were already hearing
them when one flew from behind me not more than 5' from my right shoulder
as we walked! Then as we went to take position pond-side, one flushed from
the ground about 25' away. It seems to us that one particular bird likes to
fly low in this area. We actually saw possibly the same bird(?) land not
far from us. I was able to get a cryptic iPhone pic from 10' away before it
flew again. Nesting? What are egg dates for this species hereabouts? We did
not notice any eggs at that spot and this bird was on the ground at least
20' from where we'd first flushed one. It is perfect Killdeer nesting
habitat - rocky surface with low weedy cover. I have only heard of them
using flat roofs (which are in the area) but of course, the species has
done well without roofs! I would appreciate any and all knowledgeable
input. Before leaving we determined there were no fewer than eight birds
actively feeding, plus, several times we heard the "whoosh" and once were
lucky to see the dive. Quite a show!

Greg Pluth
University Place
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