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I made a trip to Douglas, basically doing all of my birding yesterday, and driving back from Big Bend WLA at dusk. I'd originally intended to camp last night, but many areas have been closed to overnight use, so I just played it safe. Highlights:

Waterville STP: Killdeer, Wilson's Phalarope, Spotted, Least, Western, and Solitary Sandpipers (well, just one Solitary, naturally).
Atkins Lake: Does not exist
"Atkins Junior": Gone
Highway 17 pond between 5 and 6 Rd: Reduced to a baking soda stain, going the way of several other ponds North of there, like the one on Saint Andrews
Jolly's Pond: Still has water! Nothing more than a couple of Least Sandpipers
Jolly's Lake: 2 Greater Yellowlegs
Large pond W of McCabe road: Least Sandpipers, Killdeer
Small pond E of McCabe Road: 6 Long-billed Dowitchers

I got to Big Bend WLA around 7 PM, following up on recent Sharp-tailed Grouse sightings at the China Creek entrance. I got 6 grouse right there at the entrance, but mine were Dusky! Guess I'll be heading back. Leaving at dusk, highlights on C Rex Road were a couple of Short-eared Owls, and a tree full of Wild Turkeys.

I made attempts to find Rufous Hummingbirds in Rock Island and East Wenatchee, but just ended up staring at a lot of empty feeders. Tried to find Red-naped Sapsuckers at Douglas Creek Natural Area with similar luck. Finding someone in Douglas with Rufous Hummingbirds at their feeders and a couple Barn Owls in their barn is on my to-do list! Leads appreciated. 🙂


Tim Brennan

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