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Hi Rachel, 
See https://urbanraptorconservancy.org/research/seattle-merlin-project/ for more info on the Merlin population in Seattle. They are certainly still breeding! 
I manage a marine mammal monitoring project August-February that often stages someone at the Magnolia Blvd Viewpoint overlooking Elliot Bay to the south. We often get merlin perching on conifers near the intersection of Magnolia and the western end of West Howe. Several of us monitors record many of those sightings in eBird when we can. 
Merlin are detected in the Tacoma area throughout the breeding season, but as of yet I believe no nests have been documented this far south. 
Cheers, Glenn
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This evening, a Merlin appeared in a tall conifer next door while, Clare, Joseph, and I were having dinner out on the deck.  We live about a half mile south of Discovery Park, a few blocks up from the bluffs.  The Merlin stayed for quite a while, allowing us a good look.  We think it looked like a juvenile Black Merlin, but we could be wrong.

We occasionally see Merlins flying over our house.  Are Merlins still nesting in Seattle?  Could this one be a newly fledged bird from a local nest?

Rachel Lawson
rwlawson at q.com

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