[Tweeters] Nighthawks at the Golfcourse

Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 12:08:19 PDT 2021

Greetings Tweets -

Yesterday evening as the sun began to disappear into the distant purple-ish
Olympics, Cathy and I were about to depart the practice putting green at
The Home Course in Dupont. A tiny bunny nibbled nearby and a doe with two
fawns browsed the edge of the 18th fairway. The tee area of the driving
range hosted a small flock of Starlings and Killdeer were spotted here and
there. A good number of Mourning Doves and very numerous Cedar Waxwings and
swallows seemed to enjoy the cooling light breeze over the pond. About to
grab her golf bag, she of better ears detected the faint but distinctive
buzz of a Common Nighthawk! Scanning with a bit of excitement in the
direction of the sound we soon had the bird in binocular view. Then another
was heard off in another direction - found it too. Nearing the car, I
spotted one among the swallows coursing low over the pond adjacent to the
parking lot. We stood mesmerized at the shore as it whizzed by, sometimes
as close as twenty feet above and in front of us! Later, driving out, we
counted five in one view and I must imagine there were probably/possibly
more. Though we had intended to check Wharf Road on the way back to
Steilacoom where we had observed them the last three years, we decided we'd
had our fill. T'was a treat! I'll soon go back for more.

Greg Pluth
University Place
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