[Tweeters] Ruddy Ducks Nesting at Veazie Marsh

Louis lpkreemer at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 23:08:32 PDT 2021

Hi Tweeters,

Thought I'd share an interesting sighting from Veazie Marsh in Enumclaw
today: a Ruddy Duck family consisting of three ducklings and a female. From
my understanding it is a bit of an unusual occurrence for them to nest on
the West side of the Cascades, and so I was surprised to see them today.
Others may have information on past Western nesting records. It was a fun
challenge identifying the ducklings before spotting the female. Other
waterfowl species of interest that are nesting at Veazie include
Blue-winged Teal and American Coot.

Bill, Inge, Nancy and I also had one of the continuing Brewer's Sparrows up
at Sawmill Creek burn, as well as a Cassin's Finch at Government Meadows.

Louis Kreemer
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