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Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Sat Jul 24 11:13:47 PDT 2021

Swift Seekers,

Here’s directions to a currently occupied Black Swift nest. This come’s from Oregon’s Eric Horvath, world’s best Black Swift nest locator.

Black Swift visible on nest at Wallace Falls State Park.
On 21 July 2021 I photographed an incubating adult Black Swift at Lower Wallace Falls. The Black Swift nest can be seen from the Lower Wallace Falls viewpoint. From the parking lot, walk 1.8 miles to the shelter which has a green metal roof covering 2 picnic tables. Then you walk down 20 trail stairs to a pole-fenced corner. You set up your scope just under the top rail where someone recently carved (B.T.) into the railing. There is a maidenhair fern covered wall down below and you can see the nest. On 21 July there was an adult brooding a chick estimated 2-6 days old, so this should be something viewable until late August, est. fledge date 31 August. I am interested in info on this nest, when it fledges, so please email me your scope photo. Do not climb the fence or go below! Its not allowed by park rules and you could fall. You can see the bird but have patience when looking. Its easier with a scope but is visible with binoculars. —Eric Horvath horvath at pioneer.net <mailto:horvath at pioneer.net>

Black Swift nest’s in the Pacific NW are really difficult to locate unless your name is Eric. Then again, this Eric works it very hard.

Could use some help here.

Larry Schwitters
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