[Tweeters] Nice pulse of peeps on Fisherman Bay isthmus, Lopez Island

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Apologies for using the local "Fish Bay" slang in my post, and creating confusion! I am talking about Fisherman Bay, on the west side of Lopez Island, south of Lopez Village. An isthmus and large headlands forms the west side of the bay, and the isthmus is great birding - there are tide flats and uplands on the bay side - and sandy/rocky beach on the sea side.

I should add last night we went for a late night bike ride during high tide, and the peeps had moved to the outer sea side of the isthmus - a veritable peep beach party, strung out along the water for a half mile.

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Fairly depressingly quiet on the water the last week or so in the SJ Islands (though lots of activity in the interior), very nice today to have about 500 peeps today at the head of Fish Bay/isthmus - mix of Western and Least, and exactly one Baird's (that we saw). Also saw our first Heermann's.

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