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It took a couple hours of searching, and the fresh eyes of Carl H., to find the Baird's Sandpiper continuing from yesterday's reports at Veazie wetlands north of Enumclaw. It foraged along the far shore of the north pond for about ten minutes from 9:35, frequently behind shore vegetation, before disappearing entirely for the next hour-plus of our searches. There were at least a couple dozen peeps about, including one continuing Semipalmated, a half dozen Western, and many variable Least, plus Long-billed Dowitcher, Spotted Sandpiper, Greater and Lesser (1) Yellowlegs, Killdeer (including single-banded chicks), a couple bittern fly-bys, a few duck spp., and more Bank than other species of swallows. After 10:30, many of the peeps flew off, perhaps not returning, though this time the hunting male harrier was not in evidence.

18 July, 2021,

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