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David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 15:27:34 PDT 2021

The comment on the dearth of American Robins I think is correct.
I remember a WOS Mtg lecture on migration by a lady from BC, who
asked the question: "how often do you see a Robin in August here".
I rushed off to take a look at the monthly bird census for our Capehhart
site in Discovery Park. Lo and behold the statement was largely
correct. Throughout the year there were peaks and valleys for Robin nos.

>From mid-June their numbers steadily dropped until early September.

A decline through July, with August partic empty. Then a large peak in

Now why that is would be another matter. Ground too hard for probing?
Certainly our mid-summer is full of native berries for local birds from
Bushtits to Flickers. Perhaps the berry-crop for Robins is much better in
our Cascade Mtns, where Robins might go on mass??
David Hutchinson
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