[Tweeters] Pacific Slope Flycatcher Nesting Under Deck

THOMAS BENEDICT benedict.t at comcast.net
Fri Jul 9 19:06:14 PDT 2021

For the second consecutive year we have a Flycatcher (presumably Pacific Slope) nesting under our elevated deck. A few weeks ago I noticed a pile of moss and small twigs on the patio under the deck and traced them to an extremely precarious 2 inch beam where a bird had tried to 'hang' their nest. It clearly wasn't wide enough to hold a nest securely, so I nailed a small platform to the beam which provided about 4 inches of depth to work with. I've been watching the space occasionally but hadn't seen any obvious construction activity until today when I found a completed nest and a 'mom' sitting in it, presumably on eggs. It appears to be in a location that predators such as crows or jays won't notice. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Last year the nest on the other side of the deck and I think it was productive, although I didn't manage to see any fledglings. I could have missed them

It seems to be very tolerant of human activity. Is it possible that this bird is the same bird that nested here last year? Or maybe it's was born here last year? Or maybe it 'missed out' on this spot last year, so tried again this year?

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA
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