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Hi, Tweets,

I hesitate to recommend this hike, but first, Todd S. and I did find a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch for a brief view and some additional calling heard high on Snoqualmie Mountain today, repeating John P.'s find from yesterday. This was about 250 feet below the summit, from the "trail." There really isn't a constructed trail, just a rocky path hikers have worn mostly straight up the mountain. It's less than two miles and 3,000 or more vertical feet, so consider your fitness and level of subsequent pain tolerance. Poles recommended if you're over, say, 22, and even then a good idea. At least it's not crowded. Not many other birds, either, mostly, in order of descending abundance, Evening Grosbeaks, juncos, siskins, and Hermit Thrushes. We did have one Chipping Sparrow, an accipiter that was too quick for positive id. (not Sharp-shinned), and also some too-quick Selasphorus hummingbirds among the Rufous.

4 July, 2021,

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