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Tweets – Kind of a quiet, lazy morning at Marymoor today. Very comfortable, with overcast and temps in the high 60’s all morning. Many birds are still singing, but they are not perched out as obviously as early in Spring. Hugh numbers of juvenile birds, most drab and streaky. A few surprises.

a.. Wood Duck – three females with ducklings. Eclipse male at Rowing Club
b.. Spotted Sandpiper – one or two near weir, including what may have been a high display flight
c.. Caspian Tern – at least two over the lake
d.. Osprey – three babies continue on ballfields nest. At least 7 adults seen
e.. House Wren – much quieter today. Seen and heard near Pea Patch, including singing from atop a bird box
f.. European Starling – so, so many today, with flocks of mixed adults and hatch-year birds - 120+
g.. Purple Finch – young being fed
h.. CHIPPING SPARROW – adult in East Meadow was a huge surprise – our first ever for June/July
i.. Song Sparrow – many, many, many, mostly juveniles
j.. Bullock’s Oriole – begging young and adult near Dog Area portapotties
k.. Yellow Warbler – at least two singing males. Adult feeding young at Rowing Club
l.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – adult male “Audubon’s” singing NE of mansion
m.. WESTERN TANAGER – adult male singing at Rowing Club. Quite uncommon at this time of year
n.. Lazuli Bunting – several singing males in Dog Meadow, East Meadow. Females and juveniles seen. A dozen or more total
Good day for animal sightings too, including three RIVER OTTERS just above the weir, two “Black-tailed” MULE DEER on far side off slough below the weir, and pre-dawn AMERICAN BEAVER and BAT sp. for Matt, as well as the usual EASTERN COTTONTAIL and EASTERN GRAY SQUIRREL.

Misses today included Canada Goose, Hooded Merganser, Pied-billed Grebe, Killdeer, Green Heron, and Cliff Swallow

For the day, 59 species.

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