[Tweeters] Call for Clark’s nutcracker nest sightings

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Fri Jan 29 10:50:21 PST 2021

At Leavenworth, WA in a long stand of trees across from main building of
the Fish Hatchery: we usually find a lot of Clark's

n 2021-01-29 10:19, Taza Schaming wrote:

> Hello all,


> I'm seeking help in locating Clark’s nutcracker nests for my

> Nutcracker Ecosystem Project and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

> Clark's Nutcracker/Whitebark Pine Ecosystem initiative. Nest sightings

> will assist studies of the role of Clark’s nutcrackers in conifer

> ecosystems, the effects of climate change on the birds and coniferous

> forests, and educational efforts to elevate awareness.


> Very few nutcracker nests have ever been documented, so any and all

> new nest information is wonderfully helpful. Nests are made of

> twigs/sticks and are ~8-12” wide, ~4-9” high, and 8-60’ off the

> ground, primarily in conifers. Nests can be found in live or dead

> trees, and dense or open stands of trees. Nest building tends to begin

> in late-February/early-March (but may be earlier or later depending on

> the location and year), and seeing nutcrackers carrying twigs for

> building is the most easily observable sign of nesting. Nestlings

> should all have fledged by mid-June.


> If you spot Clark’s nutcrackers nesting, please send GPS point

> and/or other location information, such as tree species and height of

> nest in the tree, as well as nest status (building, eggs, nestlings),

> date located, and any other details to tazaschaming at gmail.com. I'd

> also love observations of juveniles. Please let me know if you have

> any questions!


> For more information and photos of nests, see

> www.thenutcrackerecosystemproject.com [1]. Thank you!

> Taza


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