[Tweeters] Death of a Barn Owl

Jennifer Hammer jphammer68 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 23:43:03 PST 2021

Hello Tweeters,

Last Friday afternoon (1/22), I was walking in the meadows at Magnuson Park and found a dead barn owl lying on the grass. It was clean and fluffy, had no obvious signs of injury, no rigor mortis, though the eyes were cloudy. It had leaves still clutched in its talons, a very beautiful bird.
I didn’t know if I should do anything with the body, but I moved it to the base of a nearby tree and covered it with pine and cedar, hoping that would keep a passing dog from grabbing it.

I’ve observed a barn owl at dusk standing in the doorway of the owl box in a tree near the community center in recent weeks, wondering if this was the same one.

I’m a new subscriber to Tweeters, as I wanted to pass along this sad news to the community. I have very much appreciated learning from fellow birders' posts for the past couple years. Thank you!

Jennifer Hammer
Seattle, WA

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