[Tweeters] Swans-power line collisions

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 17:45:00 PST 2021

I am posting this note to raise awareness about the issues with swans
and power line collisions. While much has been done, there are some rural
outlying areas where the problem continues inspite of everyone's best
efforts. You can read more about what Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society is
doing to stop the collisions at:


Northwest Swan Conservation Association and Washington Dept of Fish and
Wildlife are partnered with OPAS to help solve the issue. A major fund
raiser has been launched to pay for burying the power lines, the only
solution to solve the problem.

The video is a must see. Note: the video is about the collision issue and
has both amazing footage of swans it also has graphic moments where
collisions happen.

Please consider spreading the word by sharing the link on OPAS website or
the item on our Facebook page.

Martha Jordan
Northwest Swan Conservation Association
Everett, WA
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