[Tweeters] Douglas Co. --- 5 Snowy Owls Plus....

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Sun Jan 24 20:27:57 PST 2021

Hello, Fellow Birders, I hadn't seen a Snowy Owl since last Dec. 4th.
Some of you were still reporting one or two, so I thought I'd go looking
for them today. So glad I did, as I had a fabulous outing; just wished I
met some of you to share it with. I found 5 Snowy Owls at Atkins...one
rock pile had two on it. Most were north of the "lake" and east of Rd. M.
Before getting that far from home I went down H Rd. east of Mansfield,
because I thought I might find one there, but I only saw a flock of about
100 Snow Buntings in the road, AND had a Gyr fly over me, headed back
towards Mansfield. After leaving Atkins I headed to Chelan and saw a flock
of between 60 and 70 Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finches. And to top off the day I
saw eleven Sage Grouse on the north side of Rd. 18 between Bridgeport Hill
Rd. and Rd. So glad it didn't start snowing until I got home. Meredith
Spencer, Bridgeport

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