[Tweeters] Three FOY First Of Year birds

Al n Donna alndonna at wamail.net
Sat Jan 23 16:36:32 PST 2021

We live in Tacoma and as octogenarians we seldom get to Seattle. But the ebird reports of Black Billed Magpie, Snowy Owl and Sora could not be ignored. We decided to do it on a Saturday to avoid weekday traffic. It took us 35 minutes to get to Van Asselt Community Center, the same as it took us to get to Orting for the Winter Wren.

The Magpie had been seen at Beacon Ave and 28th, so we parked there at the basketball courts. It had also had been seen at 6817 Military Rd S. From my parking place, I looked in the Military Rd direction and found the Magpie on the power lines.

We got back on I-5, took the Mercer St exit, turned right on Queen Anne Ave, went to the top of the hill, turned left on W Boston St, and parked when I got to 2nd Ave W, where the Owl had been seen. I noticed a woman coming out of a house at the SE corner of that intersection. Seeing a white ceramic Owl on the porch, I decided to ask her where the Snowy was. Boy, did I strike paydirt. Every morning she checks 4 nearby roofs, so she knows where to send birders. What a gem. I suggest that you knock on her door. She’ll walk you right to the beautiful bird.

We drove north on QA Ave and followed the signs to 99North. Right after passing through Woodland Park, I turned right on Whitman Pl N and found Saturday parking places on W Greenlake N at 130pm. The Sora was found across from Bongos Café. The exact location was opposite the only garbage can around.

Al in Tacoma

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