[Tweeters] Feeders , Pine Siskins and Disease

Keith Carlson kec201814 at cableone.net
Fri Jan 22 14:59:07 PST 2021

This is all very confusing.We are being told/encouraged to take down our bird feeders and bird baths to prevent the spread of salmonella in Pine Siskins.Is this not an admission that Winter feeding is not necessary/useful and done for our pleasure, not for the birds ?.If there is no feeding, will any die off stop or simply occur where not so visible ?Is this more of a problem than the usual loss of birds due to the attraction of avian predators such as accipiters and house cats ?What evidence do we have of disease spread in other species using the feeders ?Does this disease occur in Pine Siskins in years where there is not a visible irruption and to what effect on populations ?Recently, I commented on seeing many flocks of siskins and some of Common Redpolls on US Hwy 12 where I'm sure significant numbers were killed by traffic.I certainly enjoy seeing the many species at our feeders and am willing to take them down if it is established that it is harmful, but so far the evidence seems weak.Keith CarlsonLewiston, Idaho
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