[Tweeters] Pine Siskens vanishing Gene Bullock post

Jim Ullrich jimullrich at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 12:24:03 PST 2021

In response to Gene Bullock post on Pine Siskens vanishing, we have noticed
this pattern of large Irruption flocks of Siskens coming and going as a
activity. Not affected from removal of feeders.
Like Gene we kept our feeders up, cleaned and ready to go. My contacts with
bird feeding experts from California, Oregon and Washington have witnessed
the same movement of the Siskens to other roosting and feeding areas.
All our feeding experts, also clean and disinfect bird baths, feeders and
ground areas
at least twice a week,
I do have a few stragglers, but not like the hoards over the past month or

Jim Ullrich
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