[Tweeters] possible Iceland Gull at mouth of Cedar River

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Mon Jan 18 18:54:35 PST 2021

I saw a bird that fits Odette's description in October at the Cedar River
mouth. In addition to what Odette described the bird has yellow eyes. I
have some poor digiscoped photos here:

If you right click on an image and select "View Image" you can see the
photo at full size.

Odette has seen these photos and thinks it may be the same bird.

Does anyone have an idea what it is?


Randy Robinson
Seattle, WA
rwr DOT personal AT gmail DOT com

> On Jan 18, 2021, at 12:46 PM, Odette B. James <o.b.james...> wrote


>The possible Iceland Gull has returned to the delta of the Cedar River at

>the south end of Lake Washington. It is with other gulls on a patch of

>gravel exposed among the logs on the submerged delta. The bird has a very

>pale mantle and pink legs, is an adult (has red gonydeal spot on bill), is

>smaller than nearby Glaucous winged, has no streaking on back and sides of

>neck. There at 12:30 in the afternoon on Jan. 18.

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