[Tweeters] Shout out for Gibson Spit - many Ancient Murrelets today

BRAD Liljequist bradliljequist at msn.com
Sun Jan 17 21:42:07 PST 2021

Gibson Spit, in my mind, is an underappreciated and -mentioned gem. Located at the mouth of Sequim Bay, it is by itself a gorgeous location, which also brings in a lot of great birds. In particular, the light is very special there, forelighting nearly everything through a rainshadowy spotlight. Today, lots of Common Goldeneye, Buffleheads, Harlequins, Brant, and most surprising, many Ancient Murrelets - some as close as 100 feet. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing so it was hard to put a guess on numbers, but I would say at least 50 (they were moving in and out of the Bay so who knows exactly). Definitely get down to the end of the spit and plan to sit for some time and just take in whatever moves by. Also a great place later in the year to watch the Protection Island Rhino Auklets. I am assuming a lot of fish moves through the tight channel thus the attraction. Also, an excellent place for a small boat or kayak - next time, we plan to bring the Avon and just do an quiet offshore float and see what flies over.

Brad Liljequist
Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA, USA.
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