[Tweeters] From Tweeters Administration - update #2 ("Incursions" Tweeters-linked invasion of your email...)

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Fri Jan 15 08:59:46 PST 2021

Sadly, we are being dragged into deeper Lowlands, Tweets. An active investigation continues, thanks to the UW-IT folks. But meanwhile, the last 24 hours has made clear that worse infiltration is occurring. That is, you may have seen that low-life “xyz" has posed as a legitimate new subscriber, and using email address “abc” managed to post into our listserv, yesterday. As soon as detected, “abc” was removed from the database (and indeed banned), but sorry to say that is only one single incursion, blotted out.

To the untold numbers of birding enthusiasts who enjoy what Tweeters represents, new dents and bruises aside, this Forum will do its best to adapt and roll, and strengthen wherever possible.

To our 3600+ members (some subscribed since the inception of Tweeters), who are heartily appreciated for joining and often contributing to Tweeters, you are therefore Tweeter's “Living Bird” with apologies to Cornell. One word - Solidarity.

Here is information on two new items: one is an action we have initiated Jan 14, 2021 for new subscribers. And the second, one you will see effective over the next 24 hours, along with revised heading and footing you will soon see attached to each day's Digest. The first will not specifically affect many of you, for you are already subscribers. The second is key for those who post to Tweeters.

= New applicants (subscribers, members): after an individual applies on the website<https://mailman1.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/tweeters> this information now passes through an additional review step.

= Posting to Tweeters (as you know, one must be a member to post): “Posters” (those who send material to Tweeters) will no longer see your personal email displayed in the “From” field on Tweeters. It will henceforth be key to our ability to engage with each other “off-line” on specific details or in offering assistance to one another, for all “posters” to please, please place your “coded” email address at the bottom of what you send in, where your name and location should already be shown. For example: johndoe at gmail dot com

[ THIS below is essentially identical to what ended Administration "Update #1” ]

We continue to ask for your actions and cooperation, as directly below

1. Please do carry forth with all the fabulous exchange that has made Tweeters what it is today, and has been for these many decades.
2. Let’s try not to soil what is held and seen (and retained) in Tweeters; we can exclude that type of notoriety.
3. If you are newly affected because you have posted something, follow for now THIS set of requests to assist the search for solutions:
- please do not post into tweeters your report of the “incursion” … or even great suggestions you might have
- please do not forward the offending material
- consider sending a short report to us by writing to: tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu<mailto:tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu>
- in the subject line (title) kindly place "Incursions" Tweeters-linked invasion of email (or something of that sort)
- include screenshots of material (as well as whether you are a “Digest" or “Immediate” subscriber to tweeters)

Should anyone be hugely experienced in cyber-sleuthing, please do make contact (tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu<mailto:tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu>).
Stay tuned for future updates. And a personal thank you to all those who have taken the time to help in our investigations to date. Best wishes, all!

Elaine Chuang, Seattle
List Administrator … along with Hal Opperman and Dan Victor, the original masterminds (est. 1992)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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