[Tweeters] WOS Presentation: Monday, Feb. 1, Dinosaurs Amongst Us with Kim Adelson

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Thu Jan 14 21:31:05 PST 2021

In recent years our old conceptions about dinosaurs have been swept aside as new fossil finds and technologies have
yielded revolutionary insights into their evolution and their world, the world that birds emerged in.

What do we now know about the relationship between dinosaurs and birds?  Our presenter on February 1, Kim Adelson,
says that virtually all paleontologists agree that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and most even go so far as to claim that birds
are, in fact, living dinosaurs.  In her presentation, she will explain the structural and behavioral similarities between birds
and the more “classic” dinosaurs they evolved from.

She guarantees that you will not only be surprised as to how dinosaur-like birds are, but also how very bird-like dinosaurs
were.  After this talk, you will never think about T. rex in the same way again!

What:  Dinosaurs Amongst Us with Kim Adelson
When:  Monday, February 1, 7:30 pm
Where:  Via GoToMeeting (Sign-in begins at 7:15 pm)

The Washington Ornithological Society’s Monthly Meetings remain open to all as we continue to welcome the wider birding
community to join us online via GoToMeeting.

For login information, go to http://wos.org/about-wos/monthly-meetings/.  While there, if you are not yet a member, I hope
you will consider becoming one.

Please join us!

Vicki King, WOS Program Coordinator

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