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Tweets – A stunningly glorious sunrise and a wonderful, warm, sunny morning at Marymoor today. The park is extensively flooded, however, and even with tall boots we were not able to get into some of the southern end of the park. Worse, the whole place was OVERRUN with very active American Robins (plus enough vocalizing European Starlings to muddle birding by ear), to the point that it made finding any other birds a challenge. Still, we managed.

a.. Wood Duck – pair hidden in the willows at the Rowing Club
b.. American Wigeon and Green-winged Teal – huddled in the middle, closed sections of the flooded Dog Meadow
c.. Ring-necked Pheasant – “Lonesome George II” heard from Viewing Mound just before 8
d.. Horned Grebe – 2 or 3 FAR out on the lake, from the flooded Lake Platform
e.. Cooper’s Hawk – three sightings, at least 1 adult, and one juvenile
f.. Hairy Woodpecker – Mason had one in the East Meadow
g.. Northern Shrike – one in the East Meadow, seen by most of us
h.. Cedar Waxwing – 3 at Dog Central, mixed in with American Robins. Very unusual at Marymoor in winter
i.. Western Meadowlark – Jordan’s group had 2 in fields 7-8-9
A late scan of the lake turned up a lone male HOODED MERGANSER, a female CANVASBACK, and a male and female LESSER SCAUP. We only had 8 Scaup sightings in 2020, and only one of those was definitely Lesser. Scaup were much more common at Marymoor 20+ years ago.

Near the Art Barn, ENE of the mansion, we had a DOUGLAS SQUIRREL, only the 5th time we’ve seen one in the park (compared with almost 1000 sightings for Eastern Gray Squirrel).

Misses today included Ring-billed Gull (though a flock of gulls took flight when I was only 1/2 way through scoping them), Marsh Wren, and Purple Finch.

For the day, 60 species plus a probable Barn Owl that went down as owl sp. For 2021, we’re at 67 species.

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