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Joan Bird jbird202 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 14 18:32:56 PST 2021

Joanne Weldon and I included Rosario Head on our Skagit County birding route today in the hope that the Yellow-billed Loon might make an appearance. As we stepped out into the open at the bay (just past the parking lot and lawn area) we were startled by a very loud bird vocalization. We immediately looked up "when what to my wondering eyes should appear" but a Black-billed Magpie flying about 50' up and 50' out, a large and vivid black and white bird with a very long tail, flying southward. It proceeded across the bay and then up and over Rosario Head, vocalizing as it disappeared from sight. A quick trip up to the top of Rosario Head did not give us another sighting. No Yellow-billed Loon for us today, but the Magpie at a beach in Western Wash. on a brilliantly clear and sunny day put a big smile on our faces and was certainly our bird of the day. Perhaps it was blown off course by the recent storms?

Joan Bird
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