[Tweeters] From Tweeters Administration - update #1 ("Incursions" Tweeters-linked invasion of your email)

elc elc at uw.edu
Wed Jan 13 13:41:44 PST 2021

On this gorgeous day in the Puget Trough, here’s hoping each of you has enjoyed the respite (from torrents of rain) this day has offered this writer…

Tweeters has been hit from an unusual and malicious direction (onset Dec 29, 2020?), as a number of you know first-hand: certain posts being sent in are getting picked out, apparently before even reaching the electronic ‘guts’ of our listserv (“UW Mailman”). A cascade of unwanted, salacious messages with or without attached images have then started pouring into those unfortunate “ post-ers’ " inboxes: perhaps showing as a reply to that Tweeters post, and later as the flow of C@*P continues, perhaps with nothing shown in the subject line.

The UW’s IT department has worked with me in earnest since this S%#T began to surface, and there is little currently available in the way of an explanation for why these ‘low-lifes’ have targeted Tweeters subscribers. And most sadly, there is no systemic UW listserv repair or fortification we can put into place to stop the incursions; efforts by the IT experts at UW are continuing, be assured. On the individual level, each affected ‘post-er’ should know how to block senders (for what benefit that may offer), and should also consider the value of communicating with your internet service provider (ISO) for specific advice.

There are many more facts and specific replies that might be provided here, but in this first update, the primary messages are:
- - needing to take a huge group sigh and lament together
- - asking for your actions and cooperation, as directly below

1. Please do carry forth with all the fabulous exchange that has made Tweeters what it is today, and has been for these many decades.
2. Let’s try not to soil what is held and seen (and retained) in Tweeters; we can exclude that type of notoriety.
3. If you are affected because you have posted something, follow for now THIS set of requests to assist the search for solutions:
- please do not post into tweeters your report of the “incursion” … or even great suggestions you might have
- please do not forward the offending material
- consider sending a short report to us by writing to: tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu
- in the subject line (title) kindly place "Incursions" Tweeters-linked invasion of email (or something of that sort)
- include screenshots of material (as well as whether you are a “Digest" or “Immediate”subscriber to tweeters)

Should anyone be hugely experienced in cyber-sleuthing, please do make contact (tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu).
Stay tuned but not too attuned, for future updates. And a personal thank you to those who have taken the time to help in our investigations to date. Best wishes all!

Elaine Chuang, Seattle
List Administrator … along with Hal Opperman and Dan Victor, the original masterminds (est. 1992)

P.S. yesterday was Day 60 for our Emissary from the Arctic, that solitary Snowy Owl … and as of today, Queen Anne is fortunate to continue serving as her day roost.

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