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There are two distinct populations of Bushtits in the Pacific Northwest:
Pacific and Interior. The latter is not as well understood as the former,
read how to identify both and how to contribute to our knowledge of the
distribution of Interior Bushtits and the range expansion of Pacific
Bushtits in this new posting on eBird Northwest, at:


A reminder, eBird Northwest is a great resource for Pacific Northwest
birders. In addition to periodic focus articles like identification of Fox
Sparrows, Cassiar Juncoes, fall swallows and the like (all of which can be
found by clicking the "Northwest Species highlights" button on the eBird
Northwest homepage), eBird Northwest also has a useful section on community
science projects in the Northwest, habitats, and it carries the content of
the main eBird page. If you are a Pacific Northwest eBirder and you aren't
already using eBird Northwest as your portal for eBirding rather than the
national portal, now is a good time to switch to get the same eBird access
with a Northwest flavor.

Bill Tweit
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