[Tweeters] Seattle Sora continues

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Tue Jan 5 10:48:15 PST 2021


The Sora continues in the cattails in the southwest corner of Green Lake, Seattle, this morning. I heard it whinny once, then just after 8, as I was standing looking down a little bit of a lane into the cattails, a couple Black-capped Chickadees approached within a couple feet of me, probably thinking I might be willing to feed them, as someone apparently does after noon some days. Then I saw the Sora approaching in that wet lane, pausing, turning and walking away after a bit, probably because I didn't offer any peanuts. (This is just north of the fallen aspen.) After my circuit of the lake (two drake Eurasian Wigeon), Pam tipped me off and I backtracked to see the Dunlin on the south swim platform near the bath house.

5 January, 2021,

Alan Grenon

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